5 Tips to Feel Sexier This Summer

Being or feeling sexy isn't just about sex. It's about being comfortable and confident with who you are and appreciating and loving yourself!

5. Acknowledge and accept who you are! We all have flaws so don't let yours stop you from loving every curve, stretch mark, or dimple!

4. Take Care Of Yourself! We know life is busy but you're at your best when your loving on you. Set aside some time to do just that! Read a book, pamper yourself, or buy yourself something sexy to just relax in. Step back and admire how beautiful you truly are!

3. Don't Compare Yourself To Others! I know social media and TV make this pretty hard. Believe me, these stretches marks (I call mine tiger stripes) get me down sometimes when I remember that I was the only one that even noticed or cared about them. Stop worrying about everyone else and focus on you after all you're pretty damn hot!

2. Wear sexy underwear! Throw out the granny panties and replace them with lace! I swear lace panties can change your whole mood. The feel of the lace caressing your skin in the morning can help you get your whole life together. I prefer matching sets but they don't have to be because there are no rules to wearing lingerie or being sexy. 

1. Unlock your confidence! Slip into something sexy look in the mirror with both hands on your hips and your head held high. Repeat after me "I am absolutely beautiful and learning to love myself more day by day"! Now go kick summers ass!!

Confidently Yours,


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