YouTube/International Ambassadors

Ambassadors will receive a one-time personal code that will give them 20% off at check out. YouTube/International ambassadors will have a longer due date than U.S ambassadors. We will be giving you three weeks to get your post in! KELLY’S KLOSET urges all international ambassadors to get their posts in ASAP. Due to longer shipping times the chances of the ambassador items, being sold out, is higher.

How many items can I pick?

Ambassadors are allowed to purchase however many items they'd like with their personal code.

Posts/Due Dates

Posts are required to be sent to the ambassador program coordinator before posting via email. Posts are required across social media channels BEFORE OR ON the allotted due date. If an ambassador plans on posting on the specified due date, he/she would have to let their program representative know. Doing this will insure that the ambassador does not get penalized. If an ambassador is unable to post their items for any reason, they should contact their program representative to either work out a new due date. Please note, multiple failures to post by the specific due date will disqualify any ambassador from collaborating with KELLY’S KLOSET. Please refrain from taking selfies, mirror pictures, and submit high quality images.
You can always skip a collaboration if you know you will not be able to post due to sickness, vacation, etc. (no penalty will be given, however, failure to post by the allotted due date will.)


If any ambassador has any questions regarding sizing, they can ask their program representative. He/she would be happy to help.


If you need to exchange an item, you will be responsible for shipping the item back to us for an exchange.
If the ambassador would like to make a return, KELLY’S KLOSET can send a prepaid return label for convenience. With making a return, the collaboration for that item will be voided. If the ambassador only returned half their items then he/she would still be responsible for posting the items that remain in their possession.

Late Deliveries

Ambassadors must email their program representative if they receive their package less than three days before the due date. Kelly’s Kloset will give the ambassador an extra four days after the package has been received. If the ambassador has still not posted within that time they will be marked down as “failure to post”. (Please, always email us if your package does not arrive so we can work a new due date out)

Tagging/Hash Tagging

All ambassadors will be required to tag us in their posts. As well as, shout us out in their caption. Our required hashtags are as stated: #KellysKloset #sexyatanysize #kellysgirls These may change due to promotion, season, etc., Kelly’s Kloset will always notify you about any changes.

Rights to Use Images

KELLY’S KLOSET reserves the right to use any images submitted for this program by any ambassadors for any promotional/advertising purposes regarding the KELLY’S KLOSET brand. If an ambassador does not want us to repost/use their image in any promotional/advertising ways than, they should not become a KELLY’S KLOSET ambassador and should let their representative know immediately. However, by accepting these terms and agreeing through signature confirmation on their Ambassador Program Form, they do hereby authorize KELLY’S KLOSET to use their photos for any marketing efforts related to the brand that could be through Website/Ecomm, digital, and printed media.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask your KELLY’S KLOSET representative. 

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