Behind Klosed Doors


Are you ready to go behind Klosed Doors?  Yes, I know you're thinking Kelly what are you talking about?  

I'm talking about going behind Klosed doors with a commitment, set intention and purpose to only come out more, Confident, Self assured, Trusting and Loving yourself more than ever.  

Whenever I shopped for lingerie online or in person. It seems as if this fun and exciting shopping experience became stressful, a task and turned me into an angry black, plus size woman☹️

This happens because lingerie brands STILL  don’t believe women like us are important even though women like us make up the majority of the lingerie market. (SMH)

For example, have you ever shopped for lingerie in a store and the associate said we have to order it we don't have in store taking the complete thrill of the in-store shopping experience away from you. Have you ever struggled so hard to find lingerie that fits you the right way that after a while you started to think “Maybe sexy lingerie is not for me ”? This is damaging to the mind, body, and spirit. I've been there!!!

Regardless of how frustrating buying lingerie has been in the past, I assure you what really matters to you when selecting lingerie items is feeling appreciated, feeling comfortable and being able to purchase lingerie pieces that embrace every inch of who you are.

We are currently working on bringing you the best lingerie pieces selected especially for you to redeem your sexy MONTHLY based on your style and size preference based & information you supply us with.

Don’t allow another day to pass by without on the list!!! ( CLICK )You will be the First the first to know how we are bringing you " Behind Klosed Doors" selected just for you.


- Kelly


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